Content marketing

How can content marketing help your business?

Regular blogging and production of other types of web content can boost your SEO, drive traffic to your website, position you as an authority in your industry, drive brand awareness, and even increase your sales.

Most businesses are doing it too: according to Hubspot, 70% of marketers are investing in content marketing, so don’t let yourself fall behind.

What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Good copywriting should persuade and influence your audience. Essentially, the job of a copywriter is to help you sell a product or promote a service through written words. Copywriting can also tell the story of your brand, express your values, and engage your audience.

Content writing on the other hand, is written with the intention to educate your audience on something to do with your product or service, and to provide value to your audience free of charge. Although you’re offering your content for free, interesting and valuable content can encourage people to sign up for your e-newsletters, follow you on social media, drive traffic to your website, and even generate sales.

Through content marketing, you’re showing your audience that you know what you’re talking about and they can trust you to help them. 

Content marketing can include blogs, e-books, whitepapers and educational webpages. For example, ‘how to’ guides and product reviews.

What content marketing services do I offer?

I can offer content writing services on an ad hoc basis, or as ongoing support, for example, weekly or monthly blogging. After getting to know you and your business, the next thing I’ll want to know is who your target audience is. That way, I’ll be able to write content that speaks directly to them, solves their problems and answers their questions.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you expand your business’s reach, build your brand and bolster your reputation through content marketing.