Editing and proofreading

My editing and proofreading service is for businesses that have the in-house capacity to write their own copy, but need support with the final editing and proofing stage of a copywriting project.

Projects might include brochures, brand magazines, new website copy, annual reports, or e-books.

Editing for multi-lingual businesses

The service is also ideal for businesses that have translated their website or marketing materials into English from another language.

Perhaps you’re developing a multi-lingual website, or branching out into an English-speaking market like the UK or USA. I can edit and tidy up your translated copy so it reads as if it was originally written in English.

Sometimes when translating from another language, your marketing message can be lost or become less focused, but don’t worry. I’ll ensure the English copy is written in a way that helps you achieve your business goals, as all good copywriting should do.

My editing and proofreading service includes:

  • Checking and correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Rewording sentences that are too long, difficult to follow or complicated
  • Ensuring the editorial style and formatting remains consistent
  • Spotting and correcting typos and mistakes
  • Swapping out repeated words for a similar alternative so the copy reads better
  • Making sure your tone of voice and house style remains consistent
  • Ensuring correct usage of British or American English
Freelance editing and proofreading

If you think your project needs more support than final editing and proofreading, visit my services page to find out how I can help you with copywriting, or contact me. I’d be happy to see if I can help you.