Good copywriting can encourage trust in your brand, provide a sense of clarity and conciseness, and compel your audience to take action.

Professional copywriting goes above simply telling a story: it’s all about informing, inspiring and persuading. It’s about connecting your brand with the right people and then using the right words, bearing SEO, brand voice and desired results in mind.

A freelance copywriter can also help you eliminate typos, inconsistencies, grammar mistakes, and clumsily-worded sentences: all things that can put a potential customer off!

Whether you’re a swamped small business owner who needs all-round writing support, or a marketing manager working on your next campaign, take a look at how I can help, or scroll down to take a look at my specialist areas including travel copywriting and hotel copywriting.

What copywriting services do I offer?

Website copywriting

There are multiple things to think about when writing for the web. The main messaging and purpose of the copy needs to come first of course, but then SEO, online readability, page layout, calls to action, purpose and clarity all need attention too. Cleverly-written website copy can increase click throughs, email sign-ups and page ranking, as well as convey professionalism and personality.

In essence, writing for the web means writing in your voice for your audience, but having enough tricks up your sleeve to keep the search engines happy, and the visitors engaged. Let’s have a chat about your website goals, and I’ll write you quality copy that works.

Product description copywriting

The purpose of product descriptions is to sell your fantastic service or product to prospective buyers. It goes beyond simply describing and using facts; it involves understanding your target audience, what they’re looking for, and how to convince them that your product or service is right for them. I’ll ensure your product descriptions highlight the benefits of your service or product, are SEO-optimised, and written in your brand’s tone of voice.

Brochure and flyer copywriting

Creating a brochure from scratch can feel like a monumental task, with lots of elements to consider. There may be introduction, contents and branding pages, product descriptions, pricing information, titles and taglines to consider, not to mention proofing and editing. And that’s aside from the wider design process. I’m more than familiar with the process of brochure production, and I’m happy to work with you to come up with the perfect pagination as well as write that all-important copy.

Flyers require just as much creative thought, but it’s important to use the smaller space to its best advantage. I can advise on what to include and how to format the copy to ensure your flyers are working as hard as they can for you.

Email campaigns and e-newsletter copywriting

Emails are one of the most powerful and valuable marketing tools in your arsenal. Everyone’s got an email address nowadays, and most people also own a smartphone, making reaching your target market by email an easy, measurable and cost-effective marketing strategy. Make the most of it by sending regular and engaging content to your subscribers. I can create auto responders, evergreen funnels and promotional campaigns, as well as work with you to plan your monthly e-newsletter schedule, create clickable subject lines, and write on-brand messaging.

Advertising and advertorial copywriting

Writing advertising copy is an art in itself. To write successful ad copy, you need to know what you’d like the outcome of the ad to be, who your target audience is, and what kind of space you’re working with, whether it be a small quarter page, or a double-page spread. Catchy taglines, engaging body copy, and clever calls to action all factor in, and every element works together to produce an ad that will boost brand power and generate leads.

Advertorials are slightly different in that the reader shouldn’t feel like they’re being ‘sold to’. Advertorials should be informative, educational, inspiring, interesting and, above all, a good read followed by a strong call to action.

I’m familiar with advertising codes of practice, and can work with you to produce ads and advertorials that creatively and cleverly showcase your products and services.

Press releases

With almost a decade’s worth of experience in communications, as well as a journalism degree, I’m well-versed in attracting the attention of journalists and presenting stories in the most eye-catching yet concise way possible. Whether you need ongoing support, or just one or two press releases on an ad hoc basis, you can trust me to showcase your ‘hook’ and put together a clear and professional press release.

Brand voice creation

A ‘brand voice’ is the way your company’s personality comes across when you communicate. Whether you’re writing a social media post, a script for a TV ad, or a flyer, your brand voice should always remain consistent. A distinctive brand voice humanises your business and makes it easier for the right people to connect with and relate to you. If you don’t have your own brand voice, or find you lack consistency when it comes to communicating, I’ll work with you to get to the root of who you are as a brand. Then I’ll establish the best tone of voice for you to use across all your copywriting and communications.

Specialist copywriting services

Travel copywriting

From tour operators to tourist boards, holiday parks to city guides, I absolutely love writing about all things travel. And with a decade’s worth of experience as a travel copywriter behind me, my words are sure to inspire your audience.

Hotel copywriting

I’ve worked front of house and behind the scenes, but I’m best at selling hotels and resorts with my well-written words. Find out how I can draw out the best in your property and make it shine in print and online.

Small business copywriting

If you’re a small business owner, outsourcing your copywriting means you can concentrate on growing your business while I take care of the copy and content, building up your brand and connecting with your audience.